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Gnocchi - with three sauces [Aug. 16th, 2007|10:56 pm]

Gnocchi - with three sauces


Boil potatoes - calculate two medium to large potatoes per person - with skin on, until tender. Put some salt in the water as well. When the potatoes are done, let them cool for a bit, before you peel them and mash them in a bowl. Add quite a bit of salt, flour and one egg (for about 8 potatoes). Use enough flour to make the mash into a workable dough.
Roll the dough into 1,5 cm thick rolls. Use plenty of flour so the rolls don't stick to the table...
Cut into pieces about 1,5 cm wide. Mark with a fork.
Put some of the gnocchi - about a plate full - into boiling water (use a large saucepan with plenty of water and some oil. Let the gnocchi boil for a few minutes. They are done when they float to the top.

Serve with a nice pasta sauce. This time I used three different ones, but one is just wonderful!
Pesto, tomato sauce or an alfredo-like sauce (made with cream cheese, parmesan and cream/milk + salt&pepper) are all great options. Top with parmesan and some fresh basil.


[User Picture]From: pandatini
2007-09-09 03:31 am (UTC)
wow, I normally don't like pasta-stuff, but this recipe sounds really cool, so I may just have to try it!
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[User Picture]From: norwegetarian
2007-09-27 01:24 pm (UTC)
you really should - it isn't that much like pasta, since it is potato-based. YUM!!! :) Let me know what you think if you do end up trying it!
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